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    SubjectRe: [RFC][v4][PATCH 7/7]: Define clone_with_pids syscall
    Pavel Machek [] wrote:
    | Hi!
    | >
    | > Subject: [RFC][v4][PATCH 7/7]: Define clone_with_pids syscall
    | >
    | > Container restart requires that a task have the same pid it had when it was
    | > checkpointed. When containers are nested the tasks within the containers
    | > exist in multiple pid namespaces and hence have multiple pids to specify
    | > during restart.
    | >
    | > clone_with_pids(), intended for use during restart, is the same as clone(),
    | > except that it takes a 'target_pid_set' paramter. This parameter lets caller
    | > choose specific pid numbers for the child process, in the process's active
    | > and ancestor pid namespaces. (Descendant pid namespaces in general don't
    | > matter since processes don't have pids in them anyway, but see comments
    | > in copy_target_pids() regarding CLONE_NEWPID).
    | This should go to documentation/manpage somewhere.

    Agree. Will update once we have some consensus on the interface.

    The interface defined in this patch 7/7

    syscall(__NR_clone_with_pids, flags, stack, NULL, NULL, NULL, &pid_set);

    meets the requirements of checkpoint/restart. But as mentioned in patch 0/7,
    we are just not sure if we should take this opportunity to address the
    clone-flags limitation so we are not forced to define another flavor of
    clone() soon.


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