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SubjectRe: [patch 2/5] Staging: vme: add VME userspace driver
Martyn Welch wrote:
>>> Instead of using that we implemented a heretic IOCTL-based
>>> interface for user-space; at least with it you could create a
[ snip ]
>>> #define VME_IOCTL_START_DMA _IOWR('V', 10, struct vme_dma)
> I am moving the interface in that direction, I remain unconvinced about
> the contents of your vme_mapping structure, it's too tsi-148 specific.

Could you please point out why is too tsi148-specific?

The point here is that the driver should know *nothing* about
windows, etc. What it should just know is:
- I want a mapping of a certain size to VME address X
The struct provides exactly this.

Also, could you please send me (off-list) documentation of the
Universe bridge? It'd be useful for the work on the generic layer.


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