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    SubjectRe: Extremely slow IO with a PCMCIA CompactFlash adapter

    > Is this expected behavior? Is there any setup I am missing that would make this faster?

    No, certainly not, I don't remember it to be this slow (it's been a
    while since I last tried though, still have hardware here).
    Possibly it's a DMA misdetection problem (keeps trying to use DMA
    despite it not being possible) which is common with CF type setups.
    Try fiddling with hdparm or blktool DMA-related or I/O setup settings.
    Other things would include libata.dma=0 (or other values!) for libata
    layer or ide-core.nodma= boot parameter (for IDE layer).

    And if this indeed is the problem, then it would be very useful to
    get automatic handling implemented properly.

    Andreas Mohr

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