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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] tmio_mmc: Optionally support using platform clock

    Sorry for the delay,

    2009/7/28 Ian Molton <>:
    > Guennadi Liakhovetski wrote:
    >> Hi Ian
    > Hi!
    >> Thanks for the review.
    > No problem - I hope you dont feel that I am picking on you in particular
    > here, this problem is not isolated to your patches.
    >> I understand your concerns. Of course, the _proper_ solution would be to
    >> implement an architecture-independent clock API, something like what
    >> clocklib was trying to do. So, yes, if clocklib were in place now, I
    >> certainly would have used it.
    > Which is of course a chicken/egg situation. I dealt with this a number of
    > times during the e-series development, and every time, integration with
    > mainline has gone more swiftly and with better quality, when the job was
    > done properly to begin with.
    >> I searched for those clocklib submission attempts (Dmitry added to CC).
    > Also adding RMK to the CC:
    >> Last one I can find (maybe I missed some) is from July 2008 - more than a
    >> year ago. So, looks like our options currently are:
    >> 1. wait for new submissions of clocklib - if any are planned
    > Dmitry: whats the current status of your clocklib work?

    It wasn't refreshed since last submission or so, since for ARM we do have
    rmk's clocks implementations and I other maintainers (except AVR32 IIRC)
    didn't care at all.

    >> 3. take over patches from Dmitry and bring them to a state acceptable for
    >> mainline
    > Take over / collaborate with. I'll happily help people push these patches.
    >> I personally don't have free (as in beer) time to work on 2 or 3. Anyone?
    > If I can find out what the current state of this stuff is, I'll help get it
    > working - I can test / update all the TC6x and T7x MFD devices (and probably
    > asic3 too)

    I don't think I'll have time to work on/refresh clocklib patches. Feel
    free to continue
    where I've left them.

    With best wishes

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