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SubjectRe: [Bug #13337] [post 2.6.29 regression] hang during suspend of b44/b43 modules
On Thursday 09 July 2009, Jan Scholz wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just checked this on v2.6.31-rc1 and v2.6.31-rc2-214-g34f2547
> (I wanted to test this on v2.6.31-rc2 as well, but there I had other
> suspend-issues that are fixed in todays v2.6.31-rc2-214-g34f2547)
> For both v2.6.31-rc1 and v2.6.31-rc2-214-g34f2547 suspend to ram fails
> with the test procedure described below, but it works fine when I revert
> commit 5bb644a0fd25a5e083ecbfaa92a211db99aa6ef7
> "mac80211: cancel/restart all timers across suspend/resume"

Thanks for the update.

Johannes, do you have any idea what can go wrong here?


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