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SubjectRe: [PATCH] wireless: fix supported cards for rtl8187
2009/7/9 Hin-Tak Leung <>:
> Here is some info from Gabor (shouldn't this be reply-all rather than just me):
> ------------------
> The v1 and v2 look identical (though the label on the device indicates
> the revision). The v3 looks completely different. They all have
> different USB IDs (v1 is stock RT73, v2 has a custom ID, while v3 is
> AFAIK stock RT2070).
> ------------------
> I guess to be informative, may I suggest adding '(for v1  see rt73usb,
> and v3 see rt3070)' or something similiar to the 'v2' change?
> It is fair customary in Kconfig to mention even alternative/competing
> drivers for the same device. And when you add v3 support to the rt3070
> driver, a reverse mention may be appropriate. (I guess I am spending
> far too long on this discussion - but I reckon, the purpose of a
> non-code-changing change is meant to be informative, so one might want
> to be as informative as appropriate without being too wordy...)

Yes, sorry, it was intended to be reply-to-all, but Gmail's
default-reply-to-all feature appears to be broken.

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