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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/4] (Take 2): transcendent memory ("tmem") for Linux
    Anthony Liguori wrote:

    > I have trouble mapping this to a VMM capable of overcommit without just
    > coming back to CMM2.

    Same for me. CMM2 has a more complex mechanism, but way
    easier policy than anything else out there.

    > In CMM2 parlance, ephemeral tmem pools is just normal kernel memory
    > marked in the volatile state, no?


    > It seems to me that an architecture built around hinting would be more
    > robust than having to use separate memory pools for this type of memory
    > (especially since you are requiring a copy to/from the pool).

    I agree. Something along the lines of CMM2 needs more
    infrastructure, but will be infinitely easier to get right
    from the policy side.

    Automatic ballooning is an option too, with fairly simple
    infrastructure, but potentially insanely complex policy
    issues to sort out...

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