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Subject[ANNOUNCE]: SCST Target driver support for Emulex lpfc FC/FCoE adapters
Hi All,

I'm glad to announce that SCST target driver support for Emulex lpfc
FC/FCoE adapters has been created and linked to the SCST project. Thanks
to the Emulex team for putting this together.

The driver allows for lpfc adapters to be placed in initiator and/or
target mode. Those in initiator mode will continue to function with the
SCSI subsystem as usual. A lpfc_scst helper module is then loaded that
binds that target mode adapters with the SCST subsystem for use as FCP
targets. NPIV is also supported, allowing virtual ports to be created
with individual SCST target instances bound to them.

The lpfc SCST driver kit is part of the lpfcxxxx SourceForge project
located at You can find its
README and HOWTO in and correspondingly.

SCST page of the Emulex lpfc target driver located at


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