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    SubjectRe: linux-next: sfi tree build failure
    > I still get the same error. took a long time to update from
    last night. (indeed, I was sending patches through e-mail to
    some folks to work around it); so I suspect you pulled the SFI
    tree before the mirror updated and got the same thing you
    got over the weekend.

    surfing to, it seems to be up to date now.

    The tree should include this one of interest:

    commit 4844be551844e05d4b70f0624e9c34fd486d3e33
    Author: Len Brown <>
    Date: Mon Jul 6 23:57:55 2009 -0400

    SFI: revert changes to linux/acpi.h, fix ppc build

    Note that Linus pulls from rather than
    to avoid any possible sync delay between tree push and his pull.

    If you have trouble with a copy of the tree that includes
    the commit above, (I don't expect to see the same failure,
    but it is always possible there is another one after this one),
    then please send me the complete build log.


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