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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4] slow-work: add (module*)work->ops->owner to fix races with module clients
Gregory Haskins <> wrote:

> + struct module *owner = work->ops->owner;
> +
> + work->ops->put_ref(work);
> + module_put(owner);

Hmmm... There needs to be an smp_mb() between the read of the module owner
and the call to put_ref(), lest the CPU reorder things... However, if
put_ref(), say, calls atomic_dec_and_test(), then inserting one here would be

I think documenting this will be enough - perhaps something like:

(*) Release a reference on an item:

void (*put_ref)(struct slow_work *work);

This allows the thread pool to unpin an item by releasing the reference on
it. The thread pool will not touch the item again once this has been

This function must interpolate a general SMP memory barrier before freeing
or re-using the work struct as the caller may have read the module
pointer. Implying a barrier with something like atomic_dec_and_test() is

Do you agree?


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