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    SubjectRe: [PATCH -tip] perf_counter tools: shorten names for events


    > IMHO "L1d" is too abbreviated for it to be obvious that it means L1 data
    > cache. If you want something really short maybe "L1-d$" might be a
    > little clearer, but I stil like "L1-dcache" best.

    There's one problem with L1-d$-* for event names. It took me a few goes
    before I realised I was being hit by bash variable expansion:

    # perf stat -e L1-d$-loads ls

    usage: perf stat [<options>] <command>


    # perf stat -e 'L1-d$-loads' ls

    Performance counter stats for 'ls':

    1273291 L1-d$-loads

    0.004434037 seconds time elapsed

    I also prefer the more verbose L1-dcache-* names, and since we support
    aliases its mostly a matter of screen real estate when printing out the


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