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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fujitsu-laptop: consolidated fixes (NULL pointer checks, [un]registration fixes, etc)
Hi all

> > This patch consolidates the two patches posted by Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
> > and the NULL pointer patch which came out of a discussion with Julia Lawall.
> > Some additional NULL pointer check tidy-ups have also been done.
> >
> > To summarise:
> I think that for the increased readability and to preserve proper credits it
> would be better to keep separate patches (updating the driver version can be
> as well handled in an incremental patch).

Ok, leave it with me and I'll re-split along these lines.

> I would also strongly insist on removing the following needless NULL pointer
> checks introduced by this version. They may hide real bugs in the ACPI driver
> code (which should make sure that we always have valid 'device' in the ACPI
> driver methods and that it doesn't go away while the method executes) or in
> the fujitsu-laptop itself (which has to always provide valid 'fujitsu_hotkey',
> 'fujitsu' and 'input' pointers and not free them while there are still some
> users left).

I'll take another look at these. What I was concerned about was whether the
hotkey pointer in particular was valid in all cases (since some of the
relevant laptops don't in fact have hotkeys) - and I was very short of time
yesterday. I've had a very quick look through the code just now and it
seems that this may not be a problem after all. In any case I'll confirm
this over the next day or so and redo/reisssue the patches accordingly.


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