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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] basic perf support for sparc


    > > Building the perf tool is somewhat involved on sparc64
    > > though, since 64-bit versions of zlib/libelf/bfd aren't
    > > directly available (at least on debian 5.x). But once you
    > > get there, it runs :-). Would it be easier/functional
    > > to build 32-bit userland perf instead?
    > Same is true on ppc64, btw. How are others handling this?

    The requirement for libz was removed, so up until recently we only needed
    a 64bit version of elfutils which is easy to build.

    It looks like we now have a requirement on binutils which is considerably
    more painful to build. One option is to make the bfd requirement optional, all
    you lose would be the ability to see c++ demangled names I think.


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