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SubjectRe: [Bug #13471] Loading parport_pc kills the keyboard if ACPI is enabled
O> Finally, it seems that the problem is available with 2.6.28, so the starting
> point is still fuzzy to me. I remember that the keyboard was working OK with
> 2.6.29_rc7 but now it's not.
> Maybe we should drop this report from the regression list."
> Monday I'll have access to the computer. I'll build and try to find the last working version.
> Meanwhile, I'd like to hear about your possible finding.

There have been few changes to parport_pc but one thing recent changed
the probe for SuperIO chips via low addresses and that could be

commit e2434dc1c19412639dd047a4d4eff8ed0e5d0d50
Author: Jens Rottmann <>
Date: Mon Jun 22 16:51:49 2009 +0100

changed the behaviour slightly (hence asking about which release if it
was a recent breakage). Its also a code area with very few changes so if
you can find which one worked last, you should be able to transplant that
parport_pc into 2.6.current and see if its parport or acpi triggered


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