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SubjectRe: [RFC][patch 00/12] clocksource / timekeeping rework V2
On Thu, 2009-07-30 at 12:53 +0200, Martin Schwidefsky wrote:

> > I'm not sure allowing that type of override a good idea tho .. I don't
> > think it's considered a usable clock when the rating goes to zero.
> Override as the root user -> your foot, no? The whole override stuff is
> there for the case that the clocksource selection picked a broken clock
> and you want to force the system into a semi-working state. Ideally the
> whole override would go away, but that is probably wishful thinking..

I would agree if the system doesn't crash as a result, if it just starts
to operate funny then that's maybe acceptable. If you keep the change
rating function, you could potentially remove the unregister path..


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