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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/6 -tip] perf stat: treat same behaviour for all CYCLES and CLOCKS
    Ingo Molnar writes:

    > Other 'compound' events might be possible too: for example a new
    > cache-hits field could be is cache-refs minus cache-misses.

    Hmmm, on the MPC7450 family there are events for cache-hits and
    cache-misses, so there it would be nice to be able to ask for
    cache-refs and have it compute cache-hits plus cache-misses.

    > I.e. the simplest model for 'compound' events would be:
    > X = A / B
    > X = A - B
    > X = A + B
    > We could list them in the event table, with a flag that specifies
    > which arithmetic operation connects two 'atomic' counters.
    > Then the adding of a new compound event would only be the matter of
    > adding one more line to the event table.

    Sounds nice. If we do this we should ensure that the two events
    get put into one group if possible.


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