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SubjectRe: RFC: Remote control sensors and Linux input layer

Am Mittwoch, den 01.07.2009, 13:13 +0200 schrieb Krzysztof Halasa:
> hermann pitton <> writes:
> > your prior mail with the RFC is only on linux-input.
> Well, I posted it to linux-input, -media, -kernel.

Krzysztof, sorry, my bad.

Mails did not arrive in timely manner as usual after some heavy
thunderstorms here.

> > I wonder, why you don't start with the remote coming with your Avermedia
> > card, but with some Philips remote coming with your TV.
> Because I use the later. I will capture the AverMedia codes for complete
> support but it's lower priority for me.
> > It is years back, but we don't know until today, waiting nine months or
> > so then, if we did break the bttv device ... Please keep the comments.
> I will, of course, keep the ones which still apply.

And of course it would be very nice to have RC5 support on transmitters
and receivers capable for it.


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