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Subject[PATCH 0/7] Device table matching for SPI subsystem
Hi all,

This patch set implements standard device table matching mechanism
for SPI subsystem, the same device id tables as we use in I2C drivers.

I started this work because m25p80 driver misdetects non-JEDEC
chips when it is used on OpenFirmware platforms (cause we don't pass
platform_data). platform_data is overkill for m25p80 chips, the
driver only needs to know exact chip model, and that's what device
tables are for.

So the patches:

[1/7] spi: Add support for device table matching
[2/7] mtd: m25p80: Convert to device table matching
[3/7] of: Remove "stm,m25p40" alias

The three patches above do real work. I tried to keep the 1/7 patch as
small as possible, and factor out the subsystem cleanups into other,
"cleanup" patches:

[PATCH 4/7] spi: Prefix modalias with "spi:"
[PATCH 5/7] spi: Merge probe and probe_id callbacks

These two patches I consider as cleanups, they should not introduce
any behavioural change, but they touch quite a lot of files.

[PATCH 6/7] hwmon: adxx: Convert to device table matching
[PATCH 7/7] hwmon: lm70: Convert to device table matching

These two are here because I couldn't stop. :-) Also cleanups.

Anton Vorontsov

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