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Subject[BISECTED] Re: [BUG] Linux-2.6.31-rc1 Fails To Recognize Some USB Disks
On 06/29/2009 05:30 PM, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
> Tarkan> version=0x00 [no conformance claimed]
> Wow, that's super lame. And somewhat odd because WDC are usually pretty
> good at USB-SATA bridge protocol compliance. But in any case this is
> unrelated to your problems.
> My concern was that our recent changes to the capacity detection in SCSI
> failed for your device. However, given your attached log it looks like
> it's a USB issue. And rereading your original log it also looks like
> you had a USB timeout which coincided with READ CAPACITY failing.
> So I'm deferring to the USB folks.
> Tarkan> [160848.805027] usb 5-8: reset high speed USB device using
> Tarkan> ehci_hcd and address 7


Today, I had time to bisect and you were right: The below commit related
to capacity detection changes in SCSI subsystem,as you mentioned, seems
the cause of the problem.

3821d768912a47ddbd6cab52943a8284df88003c is first bad commit
commit 3821d768912a47ddbd6cab52943a8284df88003c
Author: Martin K. Petersen <>
Date: Sat May 23 11:43:38 2009 -0400

sd: Detect non-rotational devices

Detect non-rotational devices and set the queue flag accordingly.

Signed-off-by: Martin K. Petersen <>
Signed-off-by: James Bottomley <>

:040000 040000 f744f08d73f56e6d8461267c8c5bc4c710d4c9dd
89eb1f56a7066a22a9ae6b7b916453a78a9dd082 M drivers

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