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Subject[RFC][PATCH 0/6] kcore clean up and enhance. v3
Hi, back to RFC again. 2 patches are added.

Now, /proc/kcore is not aware of physical memory layout and has no hooks for
memory hotplug. I'm trying to fix it. But at doing so, I've wrote several
clean-up patches unexpectedly ;)

Now, /proc/kcore has per-arch hooks to x86-32/64, sh, mips, ia64,
powerpc-32/64. I think I know x86-32/64's and ia64 memory layout well,
but not sure about others. Then, I CCed to maintainers. please notify me
if any concerns.
After this, most of arch-specific codes can be removed.
(x86-64 and mips-64bit seems to have something special.)

[1/6] kcore clean up/ use usual list ops
[2/6] kcore clean up/ add kclist type.
[3/6] kcore clean up/ unifiy per-arch vmalloc kclist_add()
[4/6] kcore clean up/ unifiy per-arch text range kclist_add()
[5/6] kcore enhance / use precise physical memory check and support hotplug.
[6/6] generic: rewrite walk_memory_resource as to be walk_system_ram_range().

Any comments are welcome.
I'm sorry that I may not be able to make a quick reply.


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