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SubjectRe: [BISECTED] Re: [BUG] Linux-2.6.31-rc1 Fails To Recognize Some USB Disks
>>>>> "Tarkan" == Tarkan Erimer <> writes:

Tarkan> Today, I had time to bisect and you were right: The below commit
Tarkan> related to capacity detection changes in SCSI subsystem,as you
Tarkan> mentioned, seems the cause of the problem.

Thanks for bisecting this.

Tarkan> Detect non-rotational devices and set the queue flag
Tarkan> accordingly.

Aha, so you're getting USB resets because your USB-ATA bridge gets
confused when we ask it a simple question. What a marvel of modern
engineering that thing is...

Please send me the output of:

sg_inq -e /dev/foo
sg_inq -l 16 /dev/foo
sg_inq -l 16 -e /dev/foo
sg_inq -l 36 /dev/foo
sg_inq -l 36 -e /dev/foo
sg_vpd -p sv /dev/foo
sg_vpd -p bl /dev/foo
sg_vpd -p bdc /dev/foo

Martin K. Petersen Oracle Linux Engineering

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