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SubjectRe: mounting cifs filesystems not possible
On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 12:26 AM, Gerhard
Hintermayer<> wrote:
> Well this is indeed strange. First I thought the problem was solved
> because I had an old version of mount installed, but the successful
> mount with latest version of mount.cifs was only by chance. I get 1
> successful mount out of ~ 30 tries (each time unloading the cifs
> module). And looking at the source in export.c I discovered, that
> reexporting cifs- mount points is still not supported :-( : This seems
> to be very tricky. If you need more information to track the tainting
> problem down, pls give me a note.

What is kernel version?
What is symptom?

Have you opened a bug against the project bugzilla (

The dmesg (Linux message log) will show certain serious errors, but
enabling additional cifs debugging flags can increase the debug
output. Setting /proc/fs/cifs/DebugData to 1 will cause additional
cifs informational messages to be logged, and setting
it to 3 (“echo 3 > /proc/fs/cifs/cifsFYI”) will also log return codes
from most cifs entry points to dmesg.
One of the most powerful tools for analyzing networking or network
filesystem problems is “Wireshark." shows instructions how
to do wireshark captures.


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