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Subject[RFC][PATCH 0/3] kcore: clean up and update ram information properly

Now, /proc/kcore is built on kclist information which is constructed at boot.
This kclist includes physical memory range information but not updated at
memory hotplug. And, this information tends to includes big memory hole.

On the other hand, /proc/iomem includes all physical memory information as
"System RAM" and this is updated properly and kdump use this, IIUC.
(I hope all archtecuture stores necessary information...)

This patch tries to build kclist for physical memory(direct map) on
/proc/iomem info. It's refreshed at open("/proc/kcore",) if necesasry.

This is just a RFC. Any comments are welcome.

[1/3] ... clean up kclist handling.
[2/3] ... clean up kclist_add()
[3/3] ... use /proc/iomem information for /proc/kcore.

I can only test x86-64.


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