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SubjectRe: Linux

On Tue, 21 Jul 2009, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > Great. This is all about as perfect as could be asked for. Now it's just a
> > question of trying to find the right code generation difference...
> Ok, that "just" is turning out to be really painful.

I think I've found something interesting. Look at the the code generated
for edid_checksum() in driver/video/fbmon.c. This is what I see for the
-fno-strict-overflow kernel:

ffffffff803b37ed <edid_checksum>:
ffffffff803b37ed: 53 push %rbx
ffffffff803b37ee: 48 89 fb mov %rdi,%rbx
ffffffff803b37f1: e8 8d fd ff ff callq ffffffff803b3583 <check_edid>
ffffffff803b37f6: 85 c0 test %eax,%eax
ffffffff803b37f8: 89 c6 mov %eax,%esi
ffffffff803b37fa: 74 08 je ffffffff803b3804 <edid_checksum+0x17>
ffffffff803b37fc: 48 89 df mov %rbx,%rdi
ffffffff803b37ff: e8 c0 fe ff ff callq ffffffff803b36c4 <fix_edid>
ffffffff803b3804: eb fe jmp ffffffff803b3804 <edid_checksum+0x17>

ffffffff803b3806 <fb_parse_edid>:
ffffffff803b3806: 41 54 push %r12
ffffffff803b3808: 48 85 ff test %rdi,%rdi

That last insn in edid_checksum() doesn't look *quite* right to me...

The -fnone kernel has something a lot more sensible-looking:

ffffffff803b39dd <edid_checksum>:
ffffffff803b39dd: 53 push %rbx
ffffffff803b39de: 48 89 fb mov %rdi,%rbx
ffffffff803b39e1: e8 8d fd ff ff callq ffffffff803b3773 <check_$
ffffffff803b39e6: 85 c0 test %eax,%eax
ffffffff803b39e8: 89 c6 mov %eax,%esi
ffffffff803b39ea: 74 08 je ffffffff803b39f4 <edid_c$
ffffffff803b39ec: 48 89 df mov %rbx,%rdi
ffffffff803b39ef: e8 c0 fe ff ff callq ffffffff803b38b4 <fix_ed$
ffffffff803b39f4: 31 c9 xor %ecx,%ecx
ffffffff803b39f6: 31 f6 xor %esi,%esi
ffffffff803b39f8: 31 d2 xor %edx,%edx
ffffffff803b39fa: eb 0a jmp ffffffff803b3a06 <edid_c$
ffffffff803b39fc: 0f b6 c0 movzbl %al,%eax
ffffffff803b39ff: 8a 04 03 mov (%rbx,%rax,1),%al
ffffffff803b3a02: 01 c1 add %eax,%ecx
ffffffff803b3a04: 09 c6 or %eax,%esi
ffffffff803b3a06: 88 d0 mov %dl,%al
ffffffff803b3a08: ff c2 inc %edx
ffffffff803b3a0a: 81 fa 81 00 00 00 cmp $0x81,%edx
ffffffff803b3a10: 75 ea jne ffffffff803b39fc <edid_c$
ffffffff803b3a12: 84 c9 test %cl,%cl
ffffffff803b3a14: 0f 94 c0 sete %al
ffffffff803b3a17: 40 84 f6 test %sil,%sil
ffffffff803b3a1a: 5b pop %rbx
ffffffff803b3a1b: 0f 95 c2 setne %dl
ffffffff803b3a1e: 21 d0 and %edx,%eax
ffffffff803b3a20: 0f b6 c0 movzbl %al,%eax
ffffffff803b3a23: c3 retq

ffffffff803b3a24 <fb_parse_edid>:
ffffffff803b3a24: 41 54 push %r12
ffffffff803b3a26: 48 85 ff test %rdi,%rdi

Hope that helps narrow things down ;)


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