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    SubjectRe: Threaded interrupts for synaptic touchscreen in HTC dream
    On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 06:00:07PM +0530, Trilok Soni wrote:

    > Hopefully, this thread can give all details about threaded irq discussion.


    Yes, I'm aware of that - I read it at the time. It seemed to peter out
    without any satisfactory solution, unfortunately. There's two separate
    issues here:

    - Ordinary devices on interrupt driven or slow buses like I2C. These
    need something along the lines of request_threaded_irq() that's allows
    them to schedule the main IRQ handler outside hardirq context so
    that they can interact with the device. They need to do something in
    hardirq context to disable the interrupt if it's level triggered but
    most of the time the only option they've got is to disable the IRQ
    and reenable it when the worker thread is done. This is the issue

    My immediate thought when I noticed this was that we should probably
    fix request_threaded_irq() so that it's useful for them; I'd been
    intending to do some digging and try to understand why it is
    currently implemented as it is.

    - Multi-function devices like the twl4030 which have an interrupt
    controller on them and would like to expose that interrupt controller
    via the generic IRQ subsystem. This was a large part of the
    discussion in the thread above is a much trickier problem.

    I've added the folks from Samsung posting the MELFAS MCS-5000 driver to
    the thread since they're running into the same issue.

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