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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 0/3] kcore: clean up and update ram information properly
KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki <> writes:

> Now, /proc/kcore is built on kclist information which is constructed at boot.
> This kclist includes physical memory range information but not updated at
> memory hotplug. And, this information tends to includes big memory hole.
> On the other hand, /proc/iomem includes all physical memory information as
> "System RAM" and this is updated properly and kdump use this, IIUC.
> (I hope all archtecuture stores necessary information...)
> This patch tries to build kclist for physical memory(direct map) on
> /proc/iomem info. It's refreshed at open("/proc/kcore",) if necesasry.
> This is just a RFC. Any comments are welcome.
> [1/3] ... clean up kclist handling.
> [2/3] ... clean up kclist_add()
> [3/3] ... use /proc/iomem information for /proc/kcore.

Great cleanup! Thanks.

The only missing part that we still need is to also include
the kallsyms information, then the core would be even more useful.


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