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    SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH] mm: Pass virtual address to [__]p{te,ud,md}_free_tlb()
    On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 10:05 +0200, Nick Piggin wrote:
    > Unless anybody has other preferences, just send it straight to Linus in
    > the next merge window -- if any conflicts did come up anyway they would
    > be trivial. You could just check against linux-next before doing so, and
    > should see if it is going to cause problems for any arch pull...

    Well, the problem is that powerpc-next will need that patch, which means
    that if I don't put it in my tree, Steven won't be able to build
    powerpc-next as part of linux-next until the patch is merged. Hence my
    question, what's the best way to handle that :-) There isn't an mm-next
    is there ? If there was, I could tell Steven to always pull powerpc
    after mm for example. Or I can put it in a git tree of its own with a
    dependency for Steven to pull.


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