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SubjectRe: Linux

On Mon, 20 Jul 2009, Marc Dionne wrote:
> I might be seeing a slightly different bug, but in case it's helpful, the
> behaviour here on Fedora rawhide with gcc-4.4.0-14.x86_64 and
> binutils- is that I get various .o files that come
> out as completely empty files (or in one case as a precisely 64K sized file
> that gives a "File format not recognized" error"), and the latest 2.6.31-rc
> git can't be built at all.

Hmm. This sounds more like the binutils bug that people had. Sounds like
an assembler bug if the *.o file ends up being empty or at some fixed
size. If it was cc1 that fails, I'd expect to not see an *.o file at all,
since it didn't generate good assembly.

In fact, your behavior sounds like the thing that produces the *.o files
core-dumped or died for other reasons, and had a 64kB buffer that either
got flushed or not. That would explain the "zero or exactly 64kB" size.

It could be ccache too, of course.

> If I replace -fno-strict-overflow with -fwrapv in Makefile everything builds
> and runs fine.

.. and this is just really really odd. If it was the cc1 front-end that
does that with a bad optimization, I'd expect more visible turds. But on
the other hand, if it's the binutils, then I don't see why -fwrapv would
matter. Some front-end options get passed down to the assembler, but I
would definitely not expect -fwrapv/-fno-strict-overflow to be one of


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