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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE][RFC] trace-cmd - command line reader for ftrace
> Again, this is very much in alpha form. It may still be very buggy, and 
> the format of the trace.dat file may soon change. Thus it is still in
> [RFC] release status, and nothing is considered stable.
> Here's some todo's I have planned.
> 1) get it in a form to be used by perf (if possible)
> 2) add many more filters
> a) More ways to filter on the report side
> b) Add ways to filter on the recording side
> This includes:
> Using the /debug/tracing/event/*/filter files
> Using the set_ftrace_filter/notrace files
> Using the set_ftrace_pid
> set_graph_function
> enabling the backtrace functions
> enabling the tracing/options
> And I'm sure there are many more.
> So, please feel free to download this code and play with it. If you find
> bugs, please report. If you have other ideas that are not listed above,
> share them.
> Have fun!

I'm very interesting this and I plan to start to evaluate this very
good tool since next week.

Thanks for good effort.

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