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Subject[Newbie] Getting pages of files accessed by a process from a RAM image

This is a newbie question, and I asked and searched elsewhere but
couldn't get a satisfactory answer, so bothering you guys. Please bear
with me.

I am trying to get all the pages of files opened by a process, by
manually traversing the structures in a RAM image taken using dd. So
far what I know is that I can do it using the radix_tree_node, which
has data members height, count, and slots, and which I think refer to
the level of indirection in slots, the page count, and the addresses
of the page frames respectively. Correct? What does the addresses in
the slots point to? Page descriptors?

Also, when the nrpages of a file is 1, the height in radix_tree_root
is reported as 0, in that case how can we access that single page
because we can't get the count and slots addresses in

Any input, web pointers welcomed.


M. Shuaib Khan

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