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SubjectRe: [patch 0/4] perf_counter tools: support annotation of live kernel modules

* Mike Galbraith <> wrote:

> Per $subject, this patch set only supports for the LIVE kernel.
> It adds support infrastructure for path discovery, load address
> lookup, and symbol generation of live kernel modules.
> TODO includes resurrection of live annotation in perf top, and
> support for annotation and report generation of other than live
> modules. As the patch set sits, Perf top can generate symbols
> from live binaries, but there's no live annotation capability yet.
> patch1: perf_counter tools: Make symbol loading consistently return number of loaded symbols.
> patch2: perf_counter tools: Add infrastructure to support loading of kernel module symbols
> patch3: perf_counter tools: connect module support infrastructure to symbol loading infrastructure
> patch4: perf_counter tools: Enable kernel module symbol loading in tools
> Comments and suggestions most welcome.

Looks very nice! I've applied it with a few minor stylistic fixlets
and a tad more verbose changelogs.

I'm wondering about the next step: couldnt we somehow guess at the
position of the vmlinux too, validate somehow that it corresponds to
the kernel we are running - and then use it automatically and by

Plus, offline analysis would be nice as well i suspect - being able
to look at profiles on a different box?


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