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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] CGroups: cgroup member list enhancement/fix
Paul Menage wrote:
> The following series (written by Ben Blum) adds a "cgroup.procs" file

This is rather useful. :)

> to each cgroup that reports unique tgids rather than pids, and fixes a
> pid namespace bug in the existing "tasks" file that could cause
> readers in different namespaces to interfere with one another.
> The patches as a pair provide similar functionality to Li Zefan's
> patch posted yesterday, with the addition on the "cgroup.procs" file;
> if it's decided that Li's patch needs to be fast-tracked to 2.6.31,
> then these patches can be rebased as a small extension of Li's patch;
> if Li'z patch doesn't need to go to 2.6.31 then it makes more sense to
> take this pair since they provide more overall functionality.

I'd prefer fixing it for 2.6.31. There is no reason we don't fix it
earlier than later. Base a fix on top of a new feature is no good,
and it makes backporting the fix harder if someone wants to do this.

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