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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nvram: Fix root triggerable integer overflow crash
On Sat, 18 Jul 2009, Michael Buesch wrote:
> This bug probably is exploitable by overwriting the function return address or something
> like that. But let's hope there's no distribution out there with user write permissions
> on the /dev/nvram node. So it's probably only exploitable by root.

I have seen setups with group-writeable /dev/nvram to support some (old!)
thinkpad utilities.

Even if it cannot be exploited for more than a DoS, IMO that's still bad
enough to warrant fixing this also on stable kernels if they are vulnerable.
So, does the fix also apply to 2.6.27+ ? If it does, please send it to as well.

"One disk to rule them all, One disk to find them. One disk to bring
them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond
where the shadows lie." -- The Silicon Valley Tarot
Henrique Holschuh

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