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SubjectRe: [regression] Re: 2.6.31-rc2: X stop accepting keystrokes?
On Wed 2009-07-15 15:16:11, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > happened second time now. In one case, ctrl-alt-backspace
> > helped and I got at least console back, in the other case I had to
> > reboot using sysrq.
> >
> > ...hmm. It was probably same crash, because console switching has
> > probably been locked by X, and I have just one console. I ended up on
> > empty console before.
> It happened four times now. It seems to happen when I type heavily. I
> was once able to reproduce it by hitting keys heavily/randomly.

Two more crashes today :-(. -rc2 is pretty much unusable.

...and they seem to be slightly different crashes. Once keyboard was
dead but mouse worked, second time keyboard still worked but xterms
kept locking up. I managed to type dmesg into one of them, but that
xterm hung in middle of dump :-(.


(cesky, pictures)

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