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SubjectRe: SDIO Stack and Device Support
Robert Emanuele wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I'm trying to find out more information about the status of an SDIO
> stack and SDIO devices in the kernel. I see under drivers/mmc/ some
> SDIO support.
> I'm evaluating the potential of getting a Wireless SDIO card to work
> with the 2.6 kernel. So far all I see in the kernel is support for an
> SDIO UART. There is a patch on sourceforge for an SDIO stack and
> drivers from Atheros but that is for 2.6.18. Is there current support
> for other SDIO wireless devices in the kernel?
There is pretty good support for the Marvell chips (sd8686 etc) in the
kernel. Take a look under drivers/net/wireless/libertas/

I've also copied in the linux-wireless list.

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