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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/20] ceph: Ceph distributed file system client v0.10
Sage Weil <> writes:

> This is v0.10 of the Ceph distributed file system client.
> Changes since v0.9:
> - fixed unaligned memory access (thanks for heads up to Stefan Richter)
> - a few code cleanups
> - MDS reconnect and op replay bugfixes. (The main milestone here is
> stable handling of MDS server failures and restarts, tested by
> running various workloads with the servers in restart loops.)
> What would people like to see for this to be merged into fs/?

Some more comments in the code probably wouldn't help. e.g. each
file should have some description at the top what it does.

What I always wonder with new complex networking protocols
(which ceph essentially is): has there been some auditing/testing
what happens when a server feeds unexpected/out of bounds data
to the client? e.g. a security audit would be good. Otherwise
you might end up with remote exploits.


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