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SubjectRe: [PATCH-v2] kdump: Enable kdump if 2nd-kernel is loaded.
"Ken'ichi Ohmichi" <> writes:

> Hi,
> This patch is a new version by Seto-san's comment.
> Changelog since v1:
> * Remove the check code other than kexec_crash_image from kexec_should_crash()
> because a kexec cannot crash if there is no image.
> This patch enables a kdump if 2nd-kernel is loaded.
> (The patch is based on linux-2.6.31-rc2.)
> Now, a kdump on oops is enabled if a kernel parameter "oops=panic"
> is specified and 2nd-kernel is loaded. I think that a kdump should
> be enabled regardless of "oops=panic" if 2nd-kernel is loaded,
> because a system administrator loads 2nd-kernel for enabling a kdump.

The Documentation for sysrq-c certainly needs to be updated.

If I am doing development on a system I like oops's. All of the
information and nothing goes down. I can get at /proc/kcore etc.

In a setting where I can't be Johnny on the spot and look at
things a core dump is probably the best I can get. In that scenario
panic_on_oops sounds good.

As I read the current check it reads:
If we are going to panic and not oops || panic_on_oops
kexec_should_crash = true;

Which seems a very reasonable implementation of policy.


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