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SubjectRe: suspend to disk now broken
On Sunday 12 July 2009, Celejar wrote:
> Hi,
> A recent change to the kernel has apparently broken suspend to disk on
> my machine. It still works fine in, but hangs during the
> 'devices' phase of suspension with 2.6.31-rc2. [I originally saw the
> problem using the wireless-testing git repo, but I've subsequently
> reproduced it using the mainline code from the homepage.] I
> saw a rumor that the problem may have something to do with recent
> changes to the Intel graphics drivers, so I've tried to remove the
> driver (i915) before suspending, but it won't come out.
> The machine is an Acer Aspire 3690 laptop, with Intel motherboard and
> chipsets and Broadcom networking. The last message seen on the console
> during the failed suspend is:
> Suspending console(s) (use no_console_suspend to debug)
> The machine has no serial port, but I do have a Prolific USB-serial
> converter; will that be useful?
> I'm attaching the output of 'grep ^C .config', since I assume that it
> contains relevant information.
> Please cc. me on responses.

Do you use s2disk or 'echo disk > /sys/power/state'?


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