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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Return ENOEXEC, not ENOENT, if a binary's or script's interpreter doesn't exist.
On Thu 2009-07-09 03:48:20, Geoffrey Thomas wrote:
> If you try to execute a binary compiled for (libc5) on a machine
> with only (libc6), your shell will claim "mybinary: No such file
> or directory", even though the binary exists. The ENOENT actually applies to
> the ELF intepreter, not to the file itself. The same happens if you have a
> nonexistent interpreter in a shell script's shebang line.
> Give a more helpful and more expected error, "cannot execute binary file", in
> these cases.

NAK. Current behaviour is useful -- and it is really file thats

Please improve manpage instead.

(chmod 000 /lib also produces 'interesting' error messages. Better
document those, too). Pavel
(cesky, pictures)

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