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On 07/01/2009 01:50 PM, wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> We did of course consider that, and the changes to the patch to
> implement collision avoidance are relatively simple. We didn't do it
> as it would weaken the legal basis behind the patch. I'll leave it to
> John Lanza (the LF patent attorney) to expand on that if you want more
> information.

You completely lost me here. And I thought I did understand the patent
and the fix.

what is the difference between.

short_name = rand(sid);
short_name = sid++;

Now if you would do
short_name = MD5(long_name);

That I understand since short_name is some function of long_name
but if I'm just inventing the short_name out of my hat. In what legal
system does it matter what is my random function I use?

> Cheers, Tridge


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