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SubjectRe: [PATCH mmotm] vmscan: handle may_swap more strictly (Re: [PATCH mmotm] vmscan: fix may_swap handling for memcg)
> As you know, this problem caused by if condition(priority) in shrink_zone.
> Let me have a question.
> Why do we have to prevent scan value calculation when the priority is zero ?
> As I know, before split-lru, we didn't do it.
> Is there any specific issue in case of the priority is zero ?



get_scan_ratio() return anon:80%, file=20%. and the system have
10000 anon pages and 10000 file pages.

shrink_zone() picked up 8000 anon pages and 2000 file pages.
it mean 8000 file pages aren't scanned at all.

Oops, it can makes OOM-killer although system have droppable file cache.

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