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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/14] score - New architecure port to SunplusCT S+CORE
Thanks Arnd, tglx, Sam and all who pay attention to score code.

We will update score arch code to catch up the
linux/kernel code level. The next patches will
send out soon.

Best Regards


Arnd Bergmann <> 写于 2009-06-10 00:37:28:

> On Monday 08 June 2009, wrote:
> > Thanks Arnd, our MIS help me solve the download problem.
> >
> > > Feel free to base you code on top of asm-generic.git#next, but tell
> > > when you intend to do that so I can warn you of possibly rebases.
> >
> > Last week, I had updated score code base on asm-generic.git#next.
> >
> > and I will apply a account on, But before I get the
> > can you let score code merge in asm-generic.git?
> I can take your patches and apply them to a new branch in my tree
> if that helps. I hope that Linus can pull my tree early in the
> merge window so your architecture port and the microblaze changes
> based on it can also get in soon.
> I guess for the new architecture, it makes sense to combine all
> your patches into a single changeset in git, since they don't
> make sense until you have the complete set, and your changeset
> comments are rather boring so far anyway.
> Can you write a few paragraphs of text about your architecture
> for the initial changeset comment? I think it would be good
> to permanently store some facts in there, e.g. in which ways
> the architecture is different from others, where to get a
> toolchain and what kinds of hardware exist for it.
> I'll go through the patches once more and see if I find anything
> that should still be changed before the code goes in, but
> from a brief look, the code looks pretty good now.
> Arnd <><

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