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SubjectRe: Intel X25E doesn't work with nv sata in current kernels
Hello, wrote:
> Tejun did come up with a patch that makes this work, I haven't heard
> from him in a couple of days so I don't know if he considers it good
> enough to go in or not.
> it would be very nice to have this expensive SSD usable without having
> to patch the kernel or run an old kernel ;-)
> I verified that 2.6.18 from centos 5.3 is able to see the SSD on this
> hardware, but 2.6.28-13 (debian) and 2.6.29-[13] and 2.6.30-rc[67] cannot.

I'll clean it up a bit and push upstream for 2.6.31. I'm a little bit
afraid that the behavior change is not minor and has potential of
breaking other configurations. So, for the time being, 2.6.30 would
require libata.force=nohrst as workaround.



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