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SubjectRe: 3com 3crxjk10075 with ath5k driver
[CCed ath5k-devel]

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 3:51 PM, William
Thompson<> wrote:
> This card has the "xjack" antennae which is supposed to disable the radio (I
> thought it was in hardware, but it's not) when it is not extended.  The
> madwifi driver (Last time I actually used this card with it) did disable the
> radio (Or refused packets, not sure which).

Huh, I wonder how that works. Is disabling the radio an advertised feature?
i.e. as opposed to just not working because the antenna is in?

> The kernel ath5k driver (last tested will work regardless if the
> antannae is in or out.

I suppose it could be asserting something on rfkill gpios; ath5k hasn't had
real rfkill support yet. Anyone else know about these devices?

Bob Copeland %%
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