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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/27] score arch files for linux
On Tuesday 09 June 2009, wrote:
> Hi Arnd, Andrew Morton and linus,
> According to your comment on score arch code,
> we update score code base on asm-generic#next repository.
> use arch microblaze and blackfin as reference.

Some general notes about the patch submission, not the contents:
Your mail client still has a 'wordwrap' problem, which breaks
importing the patches into a repository. The easiest workaround
for this is to use 'git send-email', which handles it correctly.
Play around with the '--dry-run' and '--suppress-cc=all' options
at first to send the patches to yourself, so you know how it

For 'git format-patch', please use the '-M -B --thread=shallow'
options so that all your mails end up nicely in a single mail
thread and renames are detected (the latter would not change
anything for your current set of patches, but may some day).

Arnd <><

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