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SubjectRe: adding lockdep support to the Blackfin arch

* Mike Frysinger <> wrote:

> ive been extending the Blackfin arch recently to support lockdep.
> since i also had to implement irqflags/stacktrace as well, i wouldnt
> be surprised if this issue is nested in there, plus this is a no-mmu
> system.
> at any rate, when i boot up a Blackfin system with PROVE_LOCKING
> enabled, i end up with this warning:
> Badness at kernel/fork.c:988
> which correlates to this in copy_process():
> DEBUG_LOCKS_WARN_ON(!p->hardirqs_enabled);

This suggests that the irqflags tracking might be wrong: the fork
code expects it at this point that hardirqs are enabled.

> btw, in order to get this to work in the first place, i had to
> extend

[incomplete mail?]


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