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SubjectRE: Catch program crash, and collect core dump.

I would like to create a small daemon which can recognize if
a user-space program crashes, and can collect the core dump
of that program, but could also perform additional tasks.
I am looking for something like a /proc configuration, which
can define what to do, if a program crashes. I haven't found
anything like that.

Right now, my best bet is something like this: ``echo
"/tmp/corefiles/core" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern'', and
then monitor the directory with inotify.

We are developing an application which stands from multiple
modules, and generates detailed logs, which under heavy load
can rotate out under 10 sec. Therefore we need to save these
logs as soon as possible in case of a crash. Polling the
crash logs is not an option (the more it is loaded, the less
we should poll, but the more we need to catch in time).

Best solution would be, if a command could be configured
which is triggered in case of a user-space crash.

I have found ``apport'', as a project which does something
like that, but I couldn't figure it out yet, how it does
that. I haven't found any entries regarding this problem in
the list archives.

If you have any idea - other than my suggestion -, please help me.

Best regards,
Gábor Náray.

PS: I am not subscribed to the mailing list, so please CC me
directly into the answers.

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