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SubjectRe: Security fix for remapping of page 0 (was [PATCH] Change ZERO_SIZE_PTR to point at unmapped space)

> Ok. So what we need to do is stop this toying around with remapping of
> page 0. The following patch contains a fix and a test program that
> demonstrates the issue.
> Subject: [Security] Do not allow remapping of page 0 via MAP_FIXED
> If one remaps page 0 then the kernel checks for NULL pointers of various
> flavors are bypassed and this may be exploited in various creative ways
> to transfer data from kernel space to user space.

Yes, mmap() at page zero 0 makes exploits harder; and yes disabling it
may be useful (but we tried that before, see Alan's comment). But that
does not it mean it deserves _security_ label. Call it robustness or
(cesky, pictures)

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