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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cpuhotplug: introduce try_get_online_cpus() take 2
Paul E. McKenney wrote:
>> Add CC to Peter Zijlstra <>
>> (This patch is against mainline but not for inclusion, it will adapted
>> against -mm when request)
>> Requst For Comments and Reviewing Hungeringly.
>> - Lockless for get_online_cpus()'s fast path
>> - Introduce try_get_online_cpus()
> One question for Gautham Shenoy -- are non-atomic CPU-hotplug notifiers
> always invoked from the task that did the cpu_hotplug_begin()?
> If so, well and good. If not, then it would not be possible to
> expedite RCU grace periods from within CPU-hotplug notifiers.
> Thanx, Paul

I have no proper machine for several days to test the next version
of this patch, so it is still being delayed a while.


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