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SubjectRe: [git pull] IDE fixes
On Sunday 07 June 2009 22:07:01 Alan Cox wrote:
> > > [ I also tried to encourage libata developers to look into making the needed
> > > libata changes (see my initial posting of HPA patches) and I will still be
> > > glad to help with libata patches if somebody would like to work on them
> > > (Robert? Tejun?). ]
> >
> > OK, so back off on the 2.6.30-rc7 release of this and I'll undertake to
> > get libata engaged for integrating this into both subsystems for
> > 2.6.31 ... does that sound fair?
> libata already is, and I've been following and reviewing the patches. The
> problem remaining is basically that this is not the time to merge
> it.

In ide's case the situation is a bit different:

This is a bug fix. Not an obvious one but it will help anyone installing
a new distribution/kernel using ide on machine with HPA, as it will allow
this user for streamline transition to a distribution/kernel using libata
later if needed (even though I don't recommend it :).

I just want a fair treatment. I'm not posting crap -rc pull request so
I see no reason why I have to pay for other maintainers mistakes.

This was better tested and reviewed that some other changes that got in
after 2.6.30-rc8 (and is smaller than at least one other pull request
that got in).

I even admitted in the pull request that this may be too late but based on
my technical judgment (strongly backed by on reviews from you and Sergei)
I considered those changes to be on the edge...

It is not a *must*have* for 2.6.30 but still 2.6.30 *shall*have* it.

> It will probably also be worth looking at the way the CD driver plays
> fast and loose with capacity when handling CD-R devices as a follow on
> from this stuff.

Sure and it would be easier to look into this (and libata changes) with
partitions/ide changes in.

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